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Alcohol Free


The "OrsaDrinks" brand was created in the beginning of the the 90s in Italy, with the purpose of importing one of the biggest tendencies of the north american nightlife. It consists in adding "special ingredients" to cocktails, namely a fruit puree/syrup which add colour and bring out the flavour in drinks.

ODK is available in several flavours. It is a concentrated product which does not only replicate the real fruit flavours, but also avoids wasting resources - since it does not require the use of fresh ingredients and can be kept for longer periods of time. It can also be used for cocktail decoration.
These syrups are the right combination of quality and consistency - presented in a bottle with a unique and striking design.
Available flavours: lemon, mango, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, green apple, melon, coconut, banana, blackberry, sweet&sour, vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and pistachio.

San Pellegrino Tonic


In the nineteenth century, with the improvement of accessibility, the city of San Pellegrino, italy, developed as a renowned thermal station, receiving high society and distinguished dignitaries of both italy and europe.

In 1899, the Società anonima delle terme di San Pellegrino was created to manage the activities of spas and bottling of water. in 1925 the company was modernized and reorganized, allowing an increase in its production capacity.

The San Pellegrino tonic water is a premium drink that stands out by the softness of its igredientes and their quality, creating the perfect balance between the liberated blisters and characteristic slightly bitter touch.

Princess Sarah Ferguson, Elton John, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor or Robert de Niro are some of the many San Pellegrino admirers. This product is presented in the most sophisticated tables.

This water has to follow the focus position of the San Pellegrino brand throughout the world. With natural gas, the water comes from a rock layer that is 400m below the surface, where it is mineralized in contact with limestone and volcanic rocks. It rises from three deep wells, at a temperature of about 22°C.

Wild Citrus give this product a slightly herbaceous flavor with sweet and friendly noticeable background. 

Perfect Serve: Very cold, preferably with spirits such as gin