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It all started when father and son, a chemical engineer and the other a electrical engineer, decided to launch themselves in the home brewing production. Artur e Gonçalo Faustino are both passionate about beer, and so, they decided to embrace this project with one purpose: have the portuguese beer with the most awards internationally. This dream started to come true in 2014, when the English Barleywine was awarded.

Getting to the client always with the most care and quality is a principle that distinguishes the brand from others and makes their products a quality framework.

The other key points for this to happen are:

 - The exclusive use of natural ingredients where they are not added any additive or flavor enhancer;

 - The beer being unfiltered and sterile;

 - The beer gas comes from the fermentation in the bottle where there is no CO2 injection to promote foam or gas;

 - Because of the exclusive use of natural ingredients - especially barley, hops, yeast and water - it is possible to obtain the final product in a distinct taste and aroma - through the gas and the foam.


Maldita Beer's Awards

    • World Beer Awards, Europe’s Best Beers 2014, at the category “Best Barley Wine”
    • International Beer Challenge 2015 competition – Silver.
    • “Silver Award Winner”, Class 2, Internacional Dark Beer Competition at the Internacional Brewing Awards 2015
    • International Beer Challenge 2015 competition – Bronze. 

Bohemian Pilsener

The history to this beer starts in Plzen at the Bohemian region in Czech Republic, 1838.

It has a smooth sweetness that combines perfectly with a soft bitter. It is a more consensual beer because of its aromas, spices and their lightness in taste.

With a clear colour it shows a fine texture and a durable white foam.


Beer pairing: Tapas, sea food and white meat, desserts with bitter fruits;

Alcohol: 5,5%

Temperature: till 5ºC

Glass: High

English Barleywine

An english type beer of high density.

It is a very old type of beer considering that the first ones came from the Vikings.

A fruity beer with soft notes of caramel with a bitter touch. Cober colour, a velvety texture and a vanishingly white foam.


Beer pairing: strong cheeses, hunt meats and desserts with caramel notes;

Alcohol: 9%

Temperature: till 10ºC

Glass: Snifer


Robust Porter

This beer has it’s origins in the 18th century.

It's name is due to the workers or the dockers from the english ports: they were the main consumers - the “porters”.

A beer with roasty aromas and coffee notes, chocolate and caramel. A brown colour, a strong texture and a permanent and well defined foam.


Beer pairing: grilled meats, desserts with chocolate and soft eggs;

Alcohol: 6,5%

Temperature: till 10ºC

Glass: Pint



Strong beer of american origin wheat, with fruity and intense flavoring, a bitter intense that smoothes the beer sweetness.
Presents a coppery color, a full-bodied texture and a clear foam.

Qualitative Formulation: water, malting barley, wheat, hops and yeast.

Beer Pairing: game meat, foie gras, blue cheese.

Alcohol - 8 % vol Consumption temperature - 10 ° 

Russian Imperial Stout

Roasted flavoring beer with intense coffee and chocolate, caramel flavors, which contrast with the coffee taste.
it presents an intense black color, a full bodied texture and a brown foam.
This style of beer was developed for the Baltic countries and for Russia. it was produced, historically, with enough alcohol and hops, to endure long travels and because it was quite appreciated for its unique characteristics.

Beer pairing: Sweets and desserts, cheeses, nuts.

alcohol: 10% temperature: till 10 oC 

American Barleywine

American adaptation of the English style, featuring the use of native ingredients. With fruity and intense aromas coming from American hops, it has an intense bitterness that softens the sweetness of the beer; Full-bodied beer that fills the palate and the view, with its coppery tones and clear foam.

Qualitative formulation: water; Brewery barley; Specialty barley; Hops and yeasts.
Beer pairing: Black pudding, cream milk, blue cheese.
Alcohol Content: 9.0% vol.
Temperature: 10ºC

Draft Beer Machine

Bohemian Pilsener

Beer with a smooth sweetness combined with a light bitter note.

Light in taste, with citric aromas, light color and presenting a lasting white foam.

Alcohol: 5,5%
Quantity: 20 L | Tipology: On TAP 

American Pale Ale (APA)

Strong hoppy beer, made through the "Dry Hoppin" technic. Presents fruity and intense aromas - from exotic fruits, lychees to the citric ones, like grapefruit and lemon.

It has a bitter palate with a persistant aftertaste, always keeping the tastes and aromas intensity. 

Quantity: 20 L | Tipology: On TAP


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It is an orange beer with highlights of amber and a creamy and compact foam. Initially with notes of citrus fruits and tropical fruits that follow the malt and caramel tones The body is thin and soft, pleasantly fresh and refreshing thanks to herbaceous sensations that can be felt at the end, leaving the sign of unique and distinctive character. Manufactured by Tennent Caledonian Breweries in Glasgow, United Kingdom (Scotland)

Qualitative formulation: water; malted barley; hop

Alcohol: 6.2%

Temp: between 6-8ºC

Recommended glass: High



It is a dark beer with a character of smoked malt and light touches of coffee and chocolate that accompanies its sweet and bitter taste. Manufactured by Tennent Caledonian breweries in Glasgow, United Kingdom (Scotland)

Qualitative formulation: water; Malted barley, wheat, barley, sugar, malt extract, coloring (caramel), hops

Alcohol: 4.7%

Recommended glass: High



Made from the combination of 4 types of hops - Zeus, Summit, Tettnang and Aurora, following a complex recipe that also includes 3 types of locally grown Scottish malts and the pure water of Katrine Lake. After that, the beer matures in barrels of Speyside Single Malt Whiskey, with the woody, vanilla and whiskey flavors taking over over time. The end result is as complex as it is affordable, offering a memorable taste experience. Manufactured by Tennent Caledonian Breweries in Glasgow, United Kingdom (Scotland)

Qualitative formulation: water; Malted barley; hops

Alcohol: 6.0%

Recommended glass: High



The great Scottish success now in gluten-free version It is a golden Pilsen style beer with notes of malt and light hops, very well balanced and super refreshing. Manufactured by Tennent Caledonian breweries in Glasgow, United Kingdom (Scotland)

Qualitative formulation: water; Malted barley (withdrawn gluten), hops

Alcohol: 5.0%

Temperatures: between 2-4ºC

Recommended glass: High