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Sharish Original

A new portuguese gin produced in Alentejo by António Cuco, getting its name from the village Monsaraz.

Sharish means xara/jara - which is the Cistus ladanifer - an expression used during the muslim presence. So Mont Sharish means hill raised in an impenetrable amount of cistus, originating the name "Monsaraz".

Distilled in a traditional portuguese cober still, it uses a combination of 9 botanicals carefully selected: Juniper, Cinnamon, Coriander seeds, Clove, Vanilla, orange Peel, lemon Peel, Bravo esmolfe apple PDo (Protected designation of origin) and lemon verbena, with the particularity that the last four botanicals are used fresh.

Due to the diferent characteristics and points of evaporation, the botanicals slowly distillate separately, allowing a greater quality in the final distillation. During the process, all the impurities are removed so the result is as limpid as possible.

Sharish Gin is a smooth gin with an unique aroma. Very citric, due to the orange zest, and with a sweet flavour at the same time, due to the Bravo esmolfe apple and the vanilla.

The juniper its also easy to identify, considering the softer notes of cloves and coriander seeds. At the end, we can taste a little spike coming from the lemon verbena. 

Sharish Original - bronze medal in 16th San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Considered to be the most influential spirits competition in the world; medal winners represent some of the finest products from around the world; 


New product of the Year

An year after its release, Sharish gin was distinguished as “Product of the year” of 2014, at the lisbon Bar Show. 

The Perfect Serve couldn’t be more portuguese: Fine Esmolfe apple's buds with Premium Tonic 

Sharish Rocha Pear

Sharish Rocha Pear Gin originated in the spring of 2014 and it has now a limited edition with only 4444 bottles - every one of them signed.

Slowly distilled in Alentejo by a traditional portuguese cober still, this edition celebrates the most portuguese pear - Rocha -, keeping the base from the original Sharish.

It is a London Dry Gin made with Juniper, Coriander seeds, Rocha Pear, lemon and orange peel from Alentejo, lemo-thyme, mandarin leaf, Pine needles, lavender, elder- flower, Cloves, german iris, licorice, angelica root and laurel seed.

Botanics - 6 alcohol - 40% Bottle size - 0,5l 


PerfectServe: Laminated Rocha Pear with Premium Tonic.

Sharish Blue Magic

António Cuco and his Gin Sharish seem to not cease to amaze. Now, with the Blue Magic Gin.

Among the botanicals, we can find strawberries, raspberries, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, angelica root, ginger, licorice, coriander seeds and clear juniper. The center of this new Gin it's a flower named Clitoria ternatea that gives the Gin a blue tone, allowing producers not the use artificial coloring.

According to the producer, this Gin has a "magic touch" because when added to tonic water, the mixture goes from blue to a light shade of pink.

This release celebrated the first year of the Sharish project!


Botanicals - 11

Alcohol content - 40 %

Bottle size - 0.5 l


Perfect Serve: Red fruits (strawberries and/or raspberries) with Premium Tonic 

Sharish Golden Sloe Gin

Ingredients: alcohol, water, Rainha Claudia Plum from Alentejo, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, angelica root, licorice, coriander and juniper seed.

Facts: the basis of this is the Sharish gin is the Sharish Blue magic gin, minus the addition of strawberries and raspberries, which were re- placed by the Queen Claudia’s plums. these were previously macerated for three months at their point of maximum maturation.

Note: no sugar added.

Serve: like a liquor Capacity: 500ml
alcohol content : 30% vol 

Perfect Serve: As a liquor 

Sharish Magnum Bottle - 5L


Sharish Kits

Sharish Kit

Sharish Blue Magic - Premium Kit

Elephant Gin

Inspired in Africa - released in the UK - committed to support African elephants, this is a new handmade London Dry Gin with an alcohol volume of 45%, made with unusual and carefully selected ingredients.

Inspired by the African essence and the pioneering spirit of the century explorers from the XIX century and the botanical discoveries they made, the Elephant Gin is produced for adventurers and travelers of today. The company contributes 15% of all profits to the Associations: For Elephants Foundation and Big Life Foundation that support the preservation of African wildlife and helps ensure that future generations will be able to explore these sites.

Distilled with 14 botanicals to create a flavor profile that distinguishes it, offers African botanists from the entire length of the continent, such as the Baobab Tree of Savannah "superfruits", the buchu plant with a taste similar to blackcurrant.

In it’s aromas we can find some subtle notes of juniper, with a pine tone and other herbaceous notes. The taste is complex, but surprisingly smooth.
Made in small batches to ensure a better quality in every bottle, remains several days at rest before bottling.


Perfect Serve: Cinnamon sitck and juniper with Premium Tonic

Icon Key Premium Beverages Tip : carpaccio with ginger, black chocolate chips and tonic Premium Tonic 

Elephant Sloe Gin

This gin combines the taste of the awarded Elephant London Dry gin with the classic taste of fresh plum berries. Being macerated in gin for several months, these wild berries add a developed richness, slightly sweet and exquisitely fruity character, as well as a typical warm red color to the spirit.

When compared to other sloe gins, Elephant Sloe gin has a relatively low sugar content. Perfect for mixing in cocktails or to enjoy in its pure state.

Note: no artificial colors or preservatives added.

Capacity: 500ml alcohol: 35 % vol 

Perfect Serve: Mixed in cocktails or pure 


The Brooklyn Gin was launched in 2010 by co -founders and distillers Joe Santos and Emil Jattne with entrepreneurial dreams and a passion for ancient methods of this art. Of cottage industry, each package of Brooklyn Gin is carefully controlled so it doesn’t lose the spirit of origin, always using fresh ingredients worked through traditional methods.

The process begins with four distillations, herbs and botanicals are added tat the middle of the process, before all the ingredients have been distilled. Each "batch" is then filtered and tested before bottled. The product only passes to the process of bottling when it is approved, that is, when is the spirit of Brooklyn. Then, the bottles are sealed with a cork stopper and hand identified.

All the time and effort deposited in Brooklyn Gin manufacturing results in a superb gin, soft and fesh, complex and tasty with a clean and wonderful end.


Perfect Serve: Juniper with lemon slice and Premium Tonic 

GIN 13


A Gin with an youthful appearance, light notes of hops but with a fresh and citric ending palate. It transmits the mystic message that one can create his/her own luck , therefore its name - Gin 13. The bottle design also approaches both the unlucky number and luck symbolism, thus the use of the black cat, clover and skulls. The 13th ingredient of this Gin is the hop, which tends to be also used in beer brewing.

Gin 13 is the first Portuguese gin with 13 botanicals in its recipe: juniper, coriander seed, lemon, tangerine, cardamom, ginger, almond, angelica root, liquorice, lemon grass, jasmine flower, black tea and hops. It is distilled in traditional Portuguese stills: the alcohol is distilled from cereals four times, then distilled again with all the botanicals added, except for the lemon and the lemon grass, which are added to the botanicals basket.

GIN 13 Fresh Raspberries

"Gin 13" is a portuguese gin with 13 botanicals in its recipe: juniper; coriander seed; lemon; tangerine; cardamom; ginger; almond; angelica root; licorice; prince herb; jasmine flower; black tea and fresh raspberries. It is distilled in traditional Portuguese stills: the alcohol is distilled from cereals four times, then distilled again with all the botanicals added, except for the lemon and the prince herb, which are added into the botanicals basket.