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Melosa Mad Ronho

Arbutus and Honey Liquor

Liquor beverage, handmade, made from eau de vie of arbutus and honey. in the best tradition of beverages and liquors made from the distillation of arbutus, the “melosa” is perhaps one of the oldest and best known.


Mariquinhas - Pocket Edition


GERAL - 0,10L

LISBOA - 0,10L

PORTO - 0,10L

SINTRA - 0,10L

FÁTIMA - 0,10L

NAZARÉ - 0,10L

Mariquinhas - With and without fruit

MARIQUINHAS GINJA D´ÓBIDOS - With and without fruit

Mariquinhas 0,20L Without/Fruit

Mariquinhas 0,5L With/Fruit

Mariquinhas 0,5L Without/Fruit

Mariquinhas 0,7L With/Fruit

Mariquinhas 0,7L Without/Fruit

Mariquinhas Chocolate and Chilli & Bag in a Box

Ginja Mariquinhas Bag in Box & Chocolate and Chilli

Chocolate and Chilli 70CL

Bag in Box 3L

Bag in Box 4,5L



Poncha is a typical Madeira drink which appeared in Madeira Island in the middle of the 18th century by the hand of the British. Throughout the nineteenth century, the Poncha was a very consumed drink within the Madeira families. Today, the Poncha tradition is still very much alive among the locals and the instruments used to assist in the preparation of these drinks haven’t changed much in essence.


This liquor results in the evolution of the traditional regional Poncha, that saw ingredients added with masterfull know-how, to obtain a product with a flavor, taste and smell of passion fruit. It is a faithful replica of the most famous passion fruit ponchas available in the local market and the fruit base is entirely from selected agricultural regions.


For Poncha lovers - or flavor experiences lovers - nothing like an assortment produced from several fruits of Madeira! The proposals are: Tangerine, Passion Fruit and Traditional, all in individual bottles of 200ml.

Fireball Cinnamon


Fireball is made with a Canadian Whisky base and natural extracts derivated from cinnamon.

It's certainly very fluid in it's cinnamon taste, not becoming too sweet, which is a plus. Fireball is a very popular drink to take as a shot, having been awarded 87 points by the Beverage Testing Institute and with a Silver Medal in the International Review of Spirits.

Lovers of all that is tangy and spicy will want the Cinnanom Fireball Whisky. With a recent history, which began in Canada in the 80s, whiskeys infused with spices and cinnamon were since then the perfect drink to the icy winters.

This drink has a strong cinnamon flavor and is advised that it is served in a shot, in order to better enjoy his hot and cold side, smooth but with some sweet and spicy notes.

Southern Comfort

Inspiring Whatever’s Comfortable since 1874 

Southern Comfort has been bringing friends together since 1874, when a bartender named Martin Wilkes (M.V.) Heron created this fruity, spicy and with a touch of whiskey drink.

Heron kept the recipe for himself, and during the following years continued to mix a variety of drinks in the different taverns in which he worked.

Having been born on the American Independence Day (July 4), some say that Heron was meant to create the Southern Comfort, a drink that became an American icon and that is even today enjoyed by friends in over 90 countries. 

Real Ginja d'Óbidos Liquour

"Real Ginja d'Óbidos" is a sour cherry liqueur produced by hand, with fresh sour cherries from the morello orchards in Óbidos. Its long maceration with no artificial colouring or preservatives, provide a fresh, deep and velvety aroma with soft notes of spices.

This nobel liqueur is reproduced from the famous "Liqueur de Griottes"'s eighteenth-century recipe that, according to the researcher and gastronome Alfredo Saramago, was elaborated in Óbidos in the year of 1677 by Dona Maria Francisca de Saboya, queen of Portugal. Nowadays, it is commercialized with Casa Real Portuguesa's permission, it has no expiration date and it must be consumed with moderation and subtle coolness. 

Sky Lemon Liquor

This lemon liqueur is a product resulting from the three-month long maceration of lemon peels from the West region in alcohol (96%). After this process, a sugar water syrup is added in order to obtain the desired liqueur.

The production process is handmade, and the final product is a yellowish creamy liqueur, with am intense lemon flavour and aroma.