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Sharish Vodkas

The SHARISH brand was born with gins that use fresh fruit and botanicals that are individually distilled and which undergo to a secret blend and final “rest” before bottling.

Technically these are gins because of the juniper, which is a major botanical in the blend. As a result, a process to extend the Sharish product line for Vodkas was designed, consisting on the bottling of some of the individual distillations (single fruit) processes of gins.

We have identified the 5 most interesting varieties of Vodka, from a commercial and organoleptic point of view:



The most striking from a flavour and taste point of view. This Vodka will be sent to international competitions.



The most desired from the standpoint of the Sharish fan community curiosity!



The most consensus vodka from the collection, from the mixology viewpoint - with a citrus flavour of pure fresh fruit.



With a magic touch, this vodka has the Blue Magic base in its constitution. It is a strong product within the female audience.