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Quem somos

We are passionate about the world... about lifestyle... about premium products... about quality. 


A Icon Key é um projecto que alia a grande vontade de contribuir activamente para a economia, com o gosto pelo o desenvolvimento social. Acreditamos que o sucesso está directamente ligado a comportamentos e reconhecemos que a confiança é conquistada, a longo prazo, mediante o cumprimento de promessas. 

We have...a deep curiosity and immense fascination for the global world, its diversity and its endless opportunities for interaction, learning, development and growth. 


I have always been passionate about premium beverages. Icon Key naturally flourished when I discovered that life’s pleasures and natural treasures could coexist in harmony. We proudly commit to provide responsible products that are unique and sustainable.
Why compromise? Join us and let’s savor life!”

Daniel Correia - Founder CEO Icon Key